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The UK’s capital city is poorly served by the media. Too much of the journalism about London, whether from left or right, is negative and simplistic. I’m doing my best to put that right, both as an individual and as publisher of OnLondon.co.uk, whose operation and freelance writers my earnings from this Substack help support.

I publish here mostly articles by me that have already appeared at On London, along with my weekly newsletter On London Extra, which brings together London news, views and bits of joy from a wide range of sources.

All of my output here will be free except for On London Extra, which is what paying subscribers get. As supporters of On London.co.uk, those subscribers will also receive invitations, at no additional charge, to a variety of events graced by influential Londoners.

London has many strengths and many problems. My job, as I see it, is to report and illuminate the full range as best I can.

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I am a journalist and author specialising in London - its politics, places and people. I run a website called OnLondon.co.uk and publish my own books, including fiction under the pen name John Vane. And I'm busy. Busy, busy, busy.